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Cruise Meetings

Why a Meeting at Sea?

Set Your Sites High

A cruise meeting is the ultimate motivator.  We guide you and your guests to new locations where hearts and minds open to new vistas, possibilities and ultimately to realize new potential. Pollin Group captures their attention and enables them to return home rested, relaxed, and inspired to do bigger and better things.

Cruise ships are floating cities at sea, offering unlimited activities, as well as state-of-the-art A/V equipment and meeting facilities – all in a very safe, self-contained environment. Therefore, your program attendees and their guests will enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. In the end, they will associate the entire experience with you and your business objectives.

Most importantly, a cruise experience is not merely less expensive than most land-based programs, it delivers much better value. Guests are treated to impeccable service, similar to a first-class resort, while traveling from one beautiful and exotic destination to another, all while on board a luxurious vessel.

The return on investment is priceless. Your group will full be fully receptive to your message and then ready to turn its vision into reality – with added motivation and energy.


Cruises are Compelling Yet Cost-Effective


Your cruise ship is a fully self-contained environment that provides for greater meeting attendance and participation.  Pollin Group research shows that meetings at sea foster inspired cooperation, teamwork and relationship-building. With no outside distractions, your attendees can focus more fully on one thing — your program agenda.

All-Inclusive and Cost Effective

Spacious meeting rooms, state-of-the art Audio-Visual equipment, great breakout locations, ocean view rooms, gourmet meals, top-name entertainment, recreational activities and fitness centers are all included in the cost of your cruise.  That helps you deliver a cost-effective, tightly budgeted event with limited of-pocket expense for attendees.

For international programs, your cruise is quoted and purchased in U.S. dollars, with no foreign currency fluctuations or fees.

Multiple Destinations

Broaden your participants’ perspectives by visiting multiple destinations and experiencing new adventures and cultures. Shore excursions specifically designed for your group can be developed to reinforce the mission, vision and goals of your particular meeting.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Cruise ships in the Pollin Group portfolio offer state-of-the-art sound, light and projection systems in meeting spaces, theaters and lounges. The elegant, upscale and uplifting décor provides a relaxing, comfortable yet energizing environment in which your group can accomplish all of its goals.

Entertainment/Activities For All

What ever the age of your attendees, the around-the-clock activities and entertainment will always provide something that’s engaging and entertaining for everyone. Our cruise ships are specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-generations, so all of your guests and their family members feel at home while at sea.

Helping to make this a reality, your cruise ship will feature grand open spaces and lounges, quiet libraries and high speed web connectivity areas.  For the active set, enjoy a fully equipped fitness center, fitness tracks throughout the ship, and areas designed specifically for younger children and teens.

Dining Options and Enticing Menus

When you really want to incentivize and motivate a group of employees or reps, nothing seems to work better than providing a unique travel experience – especially at sea.

Your attendees may choose to eat in elegant dining rooms, intimate specialty restaurants or casual, poolside grills.  Menu options include delicious specialties sure to please every palate, with unlimited servings.  What’s more, healthy and diet-specific options are always available and guests may order “off the menu.”

Ideal Settings

  • Spacious, elegant meeting rooms, dedicated conference facilities, multi-purposes lounges and comfortable theaters.
  • The latest technologies, including WiFi and Internet connection.
  • State-of-the-art audio visual equipment.
  • Well-appointed cabins and suites.
  • A broad range of dining, recreational and entertainment options for guests of all ages is included.
  • The best in worldwide destinations.

What’s Included

Cruise Ships vs. Other Options

With an “all-inclusive” tailored cruise designed by Pollin Group, your organization can save up to 40% and provide far greater value as compared to a hotel, conference center or even a resort.

Amenities Hotel Cruise
Meeting/Breakout Rooms Not Included Included
Basic AV Equipment Extra Charge Included
Meal Service Extra Charge Included
All Service Gratuities Not Included Included
Nightly Entertainment Not Included Included
Spouse/Family Programs Not Included Included
Room Service Sometimes Included
Housekeeping Service Sometimes Included
Fitness Centers Extra Charge Included
First Run Movies Extra Charge Included

* Some fees may apply

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