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One thing I love about cruising is the diversity of people that I meet during my travels.  Cruising offers an opportunity to experience many different cultures, with over 50 countries represented between the crew members and fellow passengers.

The crew, who are multi-lingual, are always willing to share stories about their culture, homeland and family.  Fellow passengers enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and share their travel experiences, whether on an upcoming port of call or other places in the world to which they have traveled.  Also, if I ever plan a trip to another state or country, I now have a wealth of information on how best to experience the local culture and foods.

By cruising, I have become more aware of the similarities and differences among us all.  We may speak different languages, however we share common goals – to Live each day to the fullest, Laugh at ourselves and with others, and Love unconditionally and beyond words.

It is so easy to do each of these every day while cruising.  The backdrop of the open sea,  the wonderful ports of call, and the relaxing evenings under the stars, all provide time for reflection on how I may apply these experiences in my work.

As an HR consultant, I conduct workshops on the leadership advantage of having an organization with a diversity of knowledge, skills, background, cultures, and gender. Diversity can be leveraged to strengthen an organization by having employees work together to share different perspectives to develop the best possible solutions and achieve great outcomes.

It only takes one cruise to experience, enjoy and appreciate the diversity among us.


– Mary Davis, Director of Client Services, Pollin Group

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